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RESPONSIBLE TOURISM Well, people travel from one place to another to see local customs, traditions, culture and understand the history of the region and that our guests enjoy their holidays.

However with all the fun and frolic comes the responsibility. Royal India Holidays have always considered the environmental and cultural impact of tourism. We need to ensure that the local traditions and customs are respected and local communities are benefitted from the tour.

All Hotels / Resorts / Camps we work with are environmentally responsible. They recycle ad reduce waste along with minimal use of plastic. Most of them have installed solar power water heaters to conserve energy and have environment friendly sewage treatment plants.

If you are planning a holiday or trip to India, but would like to be assured of the positive contributions without making any negative impact, the following may help As we specialize in tailor made holidays, we ensure that the local communities are benefitted.

Most of the hotels we use for our trips are fully or partially Indian owned and staffed by locals.

Many people have joined hands in preserving the architectural heritage of India and have thus restored the some neglected heritage buildings and converted them into boutique hotels. Most of the hotels have strong environmental policies.

Tourists visiting National Parks, Wildlife sanctuaries, World Heritage and Cultural sites help to protect and preserve the diversity and cultural heritage of India.

We support a number of charities in India and provide our customers with the contact details if they also want to contribute.