Top Reasons to Visit India during the Summers

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India is truly enchanting with its sights and colors that change with its seasons. Every season brings with it, its own charm. The spell bounding mountains and serene valleys drawstourists from across the globe. Tucked away in the pristine pockets of nature, each hill station in India comes with a unique offering of its own. Festivals also are a popular reason why people from far and wide come to India during the summer season. For one who longs to explore India, not just one, a plethora of reasons can conjured up within a moment. With travel packages available at cheaper rates with 30 to 40% discounts, one can afford to have a memorable vacation, far from the madding crowd. In addition to this, here are a few more reasons why visiting India in the summers is a must

Romance the Hills

While some dread the Indian summers while other find it a perfect opportunity to discover the beauty of the mountains. The Indian sub continent boasts of beautiful hill stations beset with rich flora and fauna. Not only is it a good idea to beat the heat but also explore pristine nature, secluded from the hustle bustle of the busy towns and cities, which otherwise is not accessible during the harsh winter months. Whether it is the Himalayas in the north or the Nilgiris in the south, a traveler who seeks the mountains will find innumerable destinations that will heed to his call to connect to the nature. Some of the most popular hills stations in India are Darjeeling, McLeod Ganj, Gangtok, Munnar, and Coorg. These hills stations are extremely tourist friendly and are cost effective when compared to other popular tourist destinations in the world. To add to the natural splendor, the friendly nature of the locals is very welcoming.

Romance the Hills

Apart the above mentioned ones, one can also explore Mukteshwar, Shimla, Panchgani, and Gulmarg and Leh. When considering a holiday to enjoy the nature, the hills station in India offer less crowded vacation destination.

Savor the Flavor

Visiting India during summer has a twofold benefit. One not only gets to visit different places but also gets to savor mangoes, the king fruit of the summer. India with its varied soil type results in the culture of mouthwatering varieties of mangoes. Hapoo or the popular Alphonso is from Maharashtra, Gujrat and Karnataka while the next popular Chaunsa comes primarily from north India. The other popular varieties are Dasheri, Langda, Banganapalli, Kesar, Neelam and Sindoora. Very interestingly, India hosts the International Mango Festival every year in Delhi during the summers. So anyone planning a trip to India during the summers can really get an opportunity to savor the best of the flavors when it comes to mangoes. Not many do know about this festival and this provides the travelers from abroad an opportunity to experience the event in a non crowded ambience.

Savor the Flavor

Enliven the Spirit with Colorful Festivals

Summer is also the time for colorful festivities across the Indian subcontinent. In Odisha, the very famous Rath Yatra or the Chariot festival takes place during the end of summer months. This is a world famous festival and the splendor of it draws visitors from far and wide. The chariots of three Hindu deities are being pulled by numerous devotees are known for their exuberant craftsmanship. Down south, Kerala celebrates Onam, a ten day festival to celebrate harvest during the month of August. The very famous snake boat race is an important aspect of this festival.

So, if one is planning to visit hill stations down south then a traveler can plan in way so that he or she gets to soak into the sights sounds and colors of the festival. In India, connectivity has taken a huge makeover and therefore, a summer trip to India can really prove to be spiritually, physically and mentally refreshing.

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