Explore the Mystical Bhutan

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In the milieu of stiff competition and nerve wrecking challenges, once in a while it is worth diving deep within and connecting to the higher self. People, well traveled, opine that nature with its abundance can connect a man to his soul. One such place is Bhutan. The geographical location of Bhutan is responsible for the rich cultural and spiritual enigma. Deemed as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan spells mystery and awe. If one is planning for a spiritual retreat or a vacation with a difference, then Bhutan is just the place that one needs to be.

All that is Mystical and Rejuvenating

With Buddhism as the official religion, Bhutan offers plenty to soak in. With plenty of meditation retreats and hermitages nestled in the mountains to choose from, this enchanting little country takes vacation to all new levels. The rich vegetation of the country has fostered the growth of medicinal plants. The traditional Bhutanese medicine known as the Sowa Rigpa offers solutions for different ailments. People from far and wide flock to Bhutan for an overall rejuvenation of self- tendering both the body and the mind. A visit to the natural hot springs must feature in the travel itinerary. Some of the most popular hot springs are the Gasa Tshachu, Chubu Tshachu and the Dur Tshachu. These spring waters are believed to possess medicinal properties that can treat different health conditions.

Exploring the Magnificent Monasteries

A home to multiple sects of Buddhism, Bhutan offers to the travelers monasteries that spell architectural brilliance and spiritual charisma. The Taktsang Dzong is one of the most exquisite monasteries of the world. Nestled on a cliff 3000 ft above the Paro Valley, this monastery is dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava. The legend has it that the Guru arrived here from Tibet on a tigress back and hence, this monastery is also known as the Tiger’s nest.

Built on the confluence of two rivers Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu , Punakha Dzong serves as a historic reminder of the very famous Tibetan invasion in 1639 that was successfully repelled.

Tongsa Monastery is also one of the most beautiful structures in the world primarily for its location. Built in 1648 to survey the nearby areas, this monastery offers a spectacular view of the Black Mountains and aptly known as ‘The Door to Heaven’.

3 These beautiful monasteries, wrapped up in sylvan surroundings, are a home to the various sects of Buddhism. To be there and to be a part of their rituals is a life enriching experience. The peace and the mysticism shrouding the entire religious landscape of Bhutan is extremely enticing.

Celebrations Galore

The period from mid February till May is the best time to visit Bhutan. Not only the weather is pleasant but the entire country dons a festive look. One of the most interesting and significant festival is Tshechu. Celebrated on the 10th day of a month in correspondence with the birthday of the Guru Rimpoche, Tshechu is a grand event involving the entire Bhutanese community. One special feature of this festival is the mask dance. Well it is believed that once in a lifetime one must attend a Tshechu to receive divine blessings and lessen karmic retribution


The Jomolhari Mountain Festival

Jomolhari Mountain Festival is another festival that draws considerable audience from and across the world to Bhutan. Celebrated in one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Bhutan, this festival is especially dedicated to the snow leopards residing in that region. The two communities, Soe Yaksa and Soe Yutoed, residing along the Jomolhari trek come together and create a magical aura through their folk songs and dances focusing on the very beautiful snow leopard.

It is evident that Bhutan with its climate, culture and religion together weaves a magic of mysticism and spirituality. A visit to this beautiful country will undoubtedly helps one to connect to his true self. Bhutan is just a lot more than a vacation destination.

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